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2019 SWSC Art Conference!

February 1, ten Sandburg students participated in the SWSC Student Art Show at Governors State University. The event started with a gallery walk where students from all of the SWSC schools viewed student work. Next a guest speaker, Chicago Artist Sam Kirk, discussed how she became an artist, the business side of her career, and what is takes to make a living as an artist. Afterwards the students attended one of a variety of workshops presented by the art faculty of GSU.

The ten students chosen to participate in the event were nominated along with one of their pieces by their art teacher and one student piece was chosen by jurors to be awarded “The Best of the School”. This years students are:

Anais Balcazar

Hedaya Hassanein

Alexa Fleck *Best in School

Emily Bargamian

Zoe Martinand

Malak Alomari

Zoe Scourtes

Kaila Nork

Jessica Alcordo

Allison Zaker

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