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Advanced Placement Studio Art 

This course enables highly motivated students to perform at college level and create a portfolio of art. This body of work will

contain art that demonstrates a high level of quality, commitment and growth, over time. The A.P. portfolio should be viewed

as the culminating experience of a student’s secondary visual arts training.


There are 3 types of A.P. portfolios:


2D (Digital, Graphic, Photography) 

3D (Ceramics, Jewelry, Sculpture)


Our goal is to master understanding of specific design concepts, such as the elements and principals of art, and apply them to a variety

of art media, processes and formats. Students will exhibit their understanding through the three required sections of the portfolio:


  • Quality Section: The art in this section has developed a sense of excellence.

         The quality section includes 5 actual works that will be sent to the College Board (excludes 3D Portfolios). 


  • Breadth Section: A variety of art making experiences will provide formal, technical and expressive means for students to produce 12 unique works of art (8 for the 3D portfolio)


  • Concentration Section: Students make an in-depth commitment to a chosen artistic concern or theme and produce

         12 more works of art for the portfolio.


Because the A.P. Studio Art portfolio is a performance-based exam (rather than a written exam), it is the expectation of this class that all students complete the A.P. exam. Students pay a fee for the exam (about $94.00) at the start of the 2nd semester.


The portfolio is submitted to the College Board for judging and possible college credit. It is important that students possess

the ability to work independently on research of media, techniques, subject matter and historical precedents.

In addition,working on at least two pieces at a time will enable students to use their time more efficiently. 

Students who are able totake this initiative will find the course load more manageable.


Prerequisite for AP Studio Art: Students must take a minimum of 3 art classes at Carl Sandburg, with a grade of C or higher in all 3.

Alex Huff

Maddie Kozlowski

Kailyn Slater

Craig Stevens