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Have you ever wondered how a jeweler or metalsmith makes a piece of metal jewelry?

Now is your chance to learn about making jewelry and small sculpture.

Students in this course will learn to manipulate metals by bending, shaping, piercing, sawing, sanding, filing,

soldering, and buffing. Glass is also utilized in casting and copper enameling. Students learn to construct 3 dimensional pieces using these methods.

Emphasis is placed on proper fit and crafting of each piece.


These metals will be used in class: pewter, nickel silver, brass, and copper.

Brass & nickel are alloys (combined metals) that look like gold & silver, but are a fraction of the cost.

Students will learn to design 3 dimensional works in metal by creating a paper pattern and a model.

We focus on the basic tools of artmaking when sketching our ideas:

Elements: line, shape, texture, value, color, space

Principles: balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, variety, proportion


The ultimate goal of this course is to learn how to combine FUNCTION and DECORATION into a piece that is properly

crafted and fit. The Elements and Principles of Art will guide us through a variety of processes and media.


This course may be repeated for another semester of credit.


Kiln Formed Glass and Copper Electroforming

Copper and Silver Electroplating

Lost Wax Casting and Resin
Textured Copper Rings
Lost Wax Casting and Powder Coating
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