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Course Outline and Schedule:


Don't know how to draw but want to learn?
Our Drawing class is designed for students of various levels.


Skill comes with practice, just like learning to drive, or learning how to play a musical instrument. 

Students will be taught the various "tricks of the drawing trade" that make drawing easier than it looks.

Class Assignments

Class assignments will vary according to media, subject matter, and time allocated. In general, all class assignments will be evaluated according to the following criteria:


Use of Media - A specific or combination of media will be used for each drawing. We use the media in specific ways demonstrated through a class and individualized instruction.


Drawing Technique - Students will be taught to complete drawings using a specific drawing technique. Works will be evaluated according to the effectiveness of each particular effort.


Composition  Use of positive and negative space will be emphasized.

Unit 1:

Students are asked to document there artistic learning, experimentation and process thru keeping a sketchbook. 

Journaling helps to keep memories as well as create a feeling of accountibility. 

Unit 2:

Students will learn basic mark making techniques which we will discuss & 

  use throughtout the semester. 


Unit 3:

Students will use Betty Edward's drawing tactic to understand observational skills used in beginning drawing


Unit 4:

Students will use charcoal to render object study drawing

Students will explore the use of Directional Lines & SHADING. 


Form &Shading


Object Study

Unit 5:

Students will use pastels in Still Life study



Unit 6:

Students will use pencils in Self Portrait drawing


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