Don't know how to draw but want to learn? Our Drawing class is a beginner level course, designed for students

of various levels. The most important thing to know about our Drawing classes is that they are skill-based.

Skill comes with practice, just like learning to drive, or learning how to play a musical instrument. 

Students will be taught the various "tricks of the drawing trade" that make drawing easier than it looks.


As a student enrolled in this course, you will explore the basic Elements & Principles of Art, and relate them to the two and three dimensional aspects of drawing. That's because you'll be drawing the 3 dimensional world on a 2 dimensional surface.


Think about drawing a chair. You know it has front legs and back legs, but how, exactly, do you draw that? It's an object with length, width and depth. But the paper has only length and depth! Relax, our Art faculty have been drawing for decades and they will share their drawing secrets with students.


Students will be encouraged to develop a personal expression in drawing through the use of different techniques and media. Students will be taught how to sharpen their senses and train their visual memory - essential resources in strengthening drawing skills.


Class Assignments

Class assignments will vary according to media, subject matter and time allocated. In general, all class assignments will be evaluated according to the following criteria:


Use of Media - A specific media or combination of media will be used for each drawing. I will instruct students to use the media in specific ways through a class demonstration and individualized instruction.


Drawing Technique - Students will be taught to complete drawings using a specific drawing technique. Works will be evaluated according to the effectiveness of each particular effort.


Composition - Students will learn about placement of the parts of the artwork (elements of art: line, shape, color, value, texture) in the whole space. Use of positive and negative space will be emphasized.