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Black & White Photography

-Black & White Photography is now a DUAL CREDIT course! 
       *Talk to your guidance counselor for registration information. 

Pinhole Photo

35mm Depth of Field

PhotoGram Cracker-(1st project)

  -Elements & Principles  

  -Value Strip, PhotoGram experimentation worksheet, 5x7 PhotoGram, Dry-mounting 

     Videos: Cyanotype, Mounting 











PinHole Camera-

   -make Oatmeal box camera

   -pinhole print,  "Selfie"

     Videos: Camera ObscuraBuild a Camera Obscura,  




35mm camera-

 Aperture:  (Depth of Field)

      DOF & Aperture made Simple  


 Great article!  

Shutter Speed

     Videos: Simple Explaination     


The photo on the right is an example of knocking down the graininess by waving a transparency over it whilst exposing the paper.

The Reversal-

   -Students will hone their printing skills with this project by matching the      

     values of two prints and joining them together at the seam.  

Videos: Mounting 1    Mirror Mounting 2  

Double Exposure-

   -Students will learn techniques for printing with two negatives.  


Local Photography Suppliers:


Quality Plus Photo Supplies 

11523 Harlem Avenue, Worth, IL 60482
(708) 448-2140


LaGrange Camera & Video

20 East Burlington Avenue, La Grange, IL 60525
(708) 352-0070

The Photographic Depot

110 1/2 West Burlington Ave., La Grange, Illinois 60525

(708) 354-7800


Central Camera Co.   Chicago’s South Loop
230 South Wabash Avenue

(800) 421-1899


Online Photo Suppliers: 


Freestyle Photographic Supplies


B&H Photo and Video



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