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Welcome 2 Clay

    Welcome to my online clay place!

This page acts as something like a timeline, scroll down to see where we're at. 

Each box is a unit, projects are turned in to the Unit Archive.


Course Project Outline:


Unit 1:

Stamp Making3D Design

Part 1

Students will learn 3D softwares to design and produce an

object via 3D printers.  

Project Videos: 

Good  extra vid:  TinkerCAD  Star


Bonus! If you'd like...


Stamp Making- Carved Initials 

Part 2

Students will plan, shape, and carve their initials into clay making a tool which they will USE sign their pottery.

Project Videos: 

Making the Body                        Carving the "Face"

Unit 2:

Students will learn how to use the slab roller & prep slabbed clay.

Students will then learn how to “pull” a handle and attach it to their cylinder body to make a mug form. 


Unit 3:

Press Mold-   Tea Pot

Students will use a "preformed bowl" as a mold to form the two halves of their TeaPot.  

Students will Collect the many parts needed to then Assemble their TeaPot. 

TeaPot Rubric


TeaPot Lid Videos:

2. ASSEMBLE Flange Lid

Didn't make these yet....
   *See worksheet! 

Unit 4:

  Glazing-  What is glaze?    

Glaze is a clay blend, more similar to glass than clay, which is added to the surface of a (bisque fired) constructed form, fired in the kiln, and fused to the form.


Unit 5:

 "RAKU Lantern"   

-Students will construct artworks using a specific RAKU clay body (High Grog) to make work for the RAKU firing process. 

-Students will use subtractive & additive techniques in forming their work for this piece. 


Unit 6:

Coil Pot- Historic Form

After looking at examples of historical pottery, students will research & choose a dynamic form to use as inspiration and reference in building a Coil Pot. 


Unit 7:

  Face MUG!    

Students will learn how to break down the facial features into manageable, sculptable parts. 

Project Videos: 

1. Parts & Dents      2. Assembly         3. Nose!   

4. Lips           5. Eyes          6.Ears        7. Extras

Clay Sources in the Chicagoland Area! 

In our studio, here at Sandburg, we use 

Standard Clay, white stoneware, #240, ^6

   We purchase our clay from: 

             Chicago Ceramics Supply

This is my buddy Carl Mankert who does our equipment repair. He's a great resource for answering general clay questions, making connections to people and equipment, and generally knows everything! 

Other Local Resources:
The Center- Has many different art classes...including Ceramics!!

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