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Course Outline and Schedule:


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This page acts as something like a timeline, scroll down to see where we're at. 

Each box is a unit, due dates are in RED, projects are turned in to the Unit Archive.


  Digital Photographic Documentation



Social Media Journal-

-Please post a picture once a week (due Tuesdays)

                                                of what you're working on.

-Please write a sentence or two about what you’re doing….

-Tag me (@sandburgartdepart)...

          ...and using the hashtag #madeatsandburg

-Also tag the school, the principal, the superintendant, and local newspapers, the mayor, state art groups.....ummmm everyone!  (@SandburgHS@jltyrrell8, @D230_Supt, @OPPrairie, @OrlandParkPatch, @VillageOrlandPk, @OPArtsAlliance, )

We're on #10,  as of 4/6

 Video Demonstrations:   part 1   part 2 


The Social Media Journal is intended to create a student record of their adventures in art through pictures and text, and to create community awareness of the amazing things we’re creating here at Sandburg!  

SHOW THE WORLD what you're doing!!!

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Unit 1: 

Unit 2: 

Students will learn 3D softwares to design and produce an object via 3D printers.  


Video Demonstrations:  

Getting started...



Start: 3/9     Due: 3/12 



Unit 3:

-with Pulled Handle

Students will learn how to use the slab roller, prep slabbed clay, and drape it around a cylinder form to take its shape. Students will then learn how to “pull” a handle and attach it to their cylinder body to make a mug form. We will also discuss alteration techniques such as “darting” to change the shape and take their mug to a new level!




-Overlapping Joint

Construction Step 2

Start: 2/10

Due:  2/19




Start: 2/22

Due:   3/12 

Can you Handle This?!

Handbuilt Handles

Pulled Off the Mug


  Face MUG!    

Students will learn how to break down the facial features into manageable, sculptable parts. 

Video Demonstrations:  1.  Eye Dents       2. Assembly         3. Nose!   

                                  4. Lips           5. Eyes          6.Ears        7. Extras

WE're Skipping this project this year! 

Unit 4:


What is glaze?”:

Glaze is a clay blend, more similar to glass than clay, which is added to the surface of a (bisque fired) constructed form, fired in the kiln, and fused to the form.

Glazing Demonstrations:

Assigned to watch: 3/4-5th

Extra Vids: (the techinques below are more geared towards painting with UNderglazes!)

          Bubbles!     Rolling     Gallaxy      Ombre          


Unit 5:

Press Mold-   Vase/Bowl

Students will use a preformed bowl as a mold to form the two halves of their vase.  Before assembling the body of the vase, students will learn a faux version of wheel throwing by using the banding wheel to make the “foot” and “neck” of the vase.  After these parts are made, the body will be assembled and decorated.

Press Mold Vase

Assigned to watch: 3/15-18th

Video Demonstrations:      Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Coil Pot- Historic Form

Started: 4/22- 5/4th

After looking at examples of historical pottery, students will research & choose a dynamic form to use as inspiration and reference in building a Coil Pot. 

Project Videos: 

Mr P’s Coil Project  Expectations!          @Jeff Pabotoy

*here’s his coil video.and one coil video.

Old Project Vids:  Part 1   Part 2  Part 3

Unit 6:



What goes better with RAKU than TIKI!?! 
Two 4 letter words make 8! Perfect!......? 

-Students will construct artworks using a specific RAKU clay body (High Grog) to make work for the RAKU firing process. 

-Students will use additive and subtractive techniques in forming their work for this piece. 


Unit 7:

Students will create a basic trophy considering form & content. 

   Form is the shape and any 3 dimensional qualities....! 

Content equals the subject matter, the concept,

                         the idea for which your trophy is celebrating! 

How do these two ideas, form & content effect each other?.....

McCabe Video Demonstrations: 

Bonus Videos: 


Unit :

These times can be stressful....but what a RELIEF we still get to create art!!

Students will...throw a clay slab shape to the desired size tile for their project.

Students will... create a design that relates to their feelings about Covid-19.

Students will...use the subtractive method and additive method to create foreground, middle ground and background. 

Clay Sources in the Chicagoland Area! 

In our studio, here at Sandburg, we use 

Standard Clay, white stoneware, #240, ^6

   We purchase our clay from: 

             Chicago Ceramics Supply

This is my buddy Carl Mankert who does our equipment repair. He's a great resource for answering general clay questions, making connections to people and equipment, and generally knows everything! 

Other Local Resources:

The Center- Has many different art classes...including Ceramics!!

Masion Crafts- Various painting classes, including painting on bisqued ceramics...and I've heard they have a potter's wheel and offer studio time.....

Orland Park Arts Alliance- local art group supporting,connecting, and producing events for the south suburban community.