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What is ARTober?

Sandburg High School very actively celebrates the arts year-round.  But during the month of October, we host a number of very special events for our students and community.  


Why is Arts Education Important?

A strong arts education promotes the skills children need to be successful. Exposure to art education promotes self-directed learning, improves school attendance and sharpens critical and creative skills. In fact, several recent studies have concluded that the creativity and innovation utilized in the artistic process will be highly valued by employers in the United States in the coming years as we continue to shift into a global economy.



Chalk FEST! Each year, Adam Fabianski (chalk artist) directs students in creating the murals below.

Check out the Inside Out time lapse


Check out the Spiderman time lapse

Check out the Toy Story time lapse




Check out the Minion time lapse


click here for details! - red_arrow_PNG12.png

Tie Dye mini-Workshop - Tuesday Oct. 17th

    Art students and friends will participate in period by period tie dye workshop. 

Tye Dye Shirt.png
Tye Dye Shirt.png
Tye Dye Shirt.png

RAKU a Poloza! 

Ceramic students will work with artist Carl Mankert to learn about the RAKU 
   firing process first hand! 


This Year, 1st semester date is: 
OCT 20th! 


We're hosting an Open Mic evening for students to practice getting on a stage and performing their "talent" in front of others!    
All.....talents....welcome......I think?....        Or just come out and watch the show! 
Tell your friends, weird is good, performing takes practice! 

Open Mic Flier.jpg - red_arrow_PNG12.png


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