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Course Outline and Schedule:


Course Description: 

The course is divided into two major areas:

Hand-building includes the basic techniques necessary for the construction of pinch pot, coil pot, press mold pot, etc.; including a variety of decorative effects. 

Throwing on the potter’s wheel includes both utilitarian forms, such as bowls, vases, teapots, etc., as well as sculptural forms. 

  Digital Photographic Documentation



Social Media Journal-

-Please post a picture once a week (due Tuesdays)

                                                of what you're working on.

-Please write a sentence or two about what you’re doing….

-Tag me (@sandburgartdepart)...

          ...and using the hashtag #madeatsandburg

-Also tag the school, the principal, the superintendant, and local newspapers, the mayor, state art groups.....ummmm everyone!  (@SandburgHS@jltyrrell8, @D230_Supt, @OPPrairie, @OrlandParkPatch, @VillageOrlandPk, @OPArtsAlliance, )

Unit 1: 

We're on #9,  as of 3/30

 Video Demonstrations:   part 1   part 2 


Scroll over....


Students will learn 3D softwares to design and produce an object via 3D printers.  

Unit 2: 

Design Softwares:

Start: 1/19   Due: 1/22 

Good  extra vid:  TinkerCAD  Star

Start: 1/25     Due: 1/29 

Video Demonstrations:  


Start: 3/9     Due: 3/12 

Getting started...


Tea Set Project:

Unit 3: 

Students will design a Tea Set with multiple, cohesive parts. 

Students will build their Tea Set from their plan using any and multiple methods of construction  best determined for their project. 

A teapot, two cups, and a tray.

Finished Designs Due: 2/19 

Video Demonstrations:  

Step by Step



Finished Construction Due:                                    3/29 

Teapot Worksheet

The Potter's Wheel is a challenging tool to learn, but is gratifying and rewarding when given the time.

  -Students will learn the formal steps of throwing on the potter's wheel.

  -Students will learn to throw a cylinder and a bowl.  

Artist Resource

...watch the Whichford Pottery gang...

Process & Steps: ...for a cylinder

Step 1- Centering and Wheel wedging

Step 2- Preparing Bottom!....Cylinder!

Step 3- Pulling Walls. 


Step 4- Shaping. 


Step 5- Trimming Excess.


Process & Steps: ...for a bowl! 

Step 1- Centering and Wheel wedging

Step 2- Preparing Bottom!....Bowl?

Step 3- Pulling Walls. 


Step 4- Shaping. 


Step 5- Trimming Excess.


Amy Konaszewski, "Heart Fountain"

                 -Independent Study

Artist Bio's-     

Ryan Michel-    vid1, vid2

Steven Hill-       vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4,     


Ayumi Horie-    vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4, vid5


Dick Lehman-    vid1, vid2, vid3,


Lorna Meadenvid1, vid2, vid3, vid4,

George Ohr-       vid1,

Justin Rothshankvid1, vid2, vid3

Brett Kern-       vid1vid2

Tim Kowalczyk- vid1

"Make ART everyday!" 

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