Welcome to the Eagle Art Club!  The club will start meeting September 5th in room N220 at 3:15pm.  Meetings will be held every Tuesday from 3:15-4pm.

This club is open to ALL students. No experience necessary.  No previous art classes required.  

Members of art club make tee shirts that display club member's images, and at times, we also work on selected legacy projects, ie a climbing wall graphic, a library image, and a mural for the pool.  The club is student centered with projects, events, and discussions based on member interests.  

Members are expected to attend most meetings unless also concurrently participating in another club or team that has conflicting meeting times, other arrangements will be made with those individuals as necessary.


Any questions can be directed to the Art Club sponsor Mr. Gonzalez.


Art Club Rules




  1. Plan on being a regular member of Art Club by attending meetings every week. If you find that it is difficult to attend with regularity, you might try becoming a member the next semester.


  1. If you would like to list Art Club on your school record and for NHS, then you must attend at least 2/3 of the meetings of each month. Attendance will be taken at each meeting.


  1. Being in attendance means that you come to a meeting right after 8th and stay until 4 p.m. Attendance is taken during the first 5 minutes of the club.  Do not expect to be “in attendance” if you leave the meeting.




  1. Plan on participating in each project that we work on. If you do not create your own, individual piece, then you can pair up with a friend and create a work together.


  1. Help out with setup and cleanup for each project. Your participation with these aspects makes the duties of Art Club bearable for everyone.


  1. Approach the group with your ideas for projects!!  Your good ideas are welcome at any time during the school year.


  1. Volunteer to help organize a project. Bring in samples of your art to share with others. Art Club has enlisted the aid of “student teachers” (this means you!) every year. Our student teachers help out in a variety of ways.


  1. If you get a call on your cell phone, please move into the hallway to have the conversation.  Not in the classroom please.

You are allowed and encouraged to post to social media using  #MadeatSandburg as well as our @CS_ArtClub but your posts must be school appropriate and keep in mind that everyone sees what you post.  The dean’s will contact you regarding any inappropriate social media conduct related to our club.

Pool Legacy Project 2015

Kenneth' gift

2017 Senior Gift- Art Club Sign

Library Legacy Project 2014

Climbing Wall Legacy Project 2013

"Make ART everyday!" 

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