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Course Description:

 Sculpture involves the use of fundamental design principles and skills to construct 3 dimensional forms, sculpture(s).  Design problems are presented to the student enabling him/her to develop creative ideas into 3-D forms through the use of basic design concepts, skills, and techniques.  



Course/State Objectives and Descriptions:  

 This course is designed to provide a fundamental experience in sculpture design and provide an outlet for expression.  Knowledge of three-dimensional design is important in the making of sculptural forms because it allows us to intensify our powers of perception.  Sculpture provides the student with a chance to invent and express original ideas through a highly tactile medium.  Backed with historical to present day artists, the student is assured uniqueness by imposing his or her own order to the material.  Our principle target is creative, conceptual problem-solving, achieved through an awareness of design.  


 Craftsmanship, design quality, and sound construction, along with a familiarity of the tools and terminology is the central focus of the course.  





Grading and Evaluation:

  • Grades will be proof of a semester’s accumulated work, an 18 week cumulative final grade.

  • Grading rubrics will be given out and explained for each project.

  • Classroom Participation(work habits, management, responsibilities) will account for a significant portion of your overall grade.

  • Final exam will be worth 10% of the total grade.  

  • Grading scale:

   A=100%-90%, B=89%-80%, C=79%-70%, D=69%-60, F=59% and belooooowwwww……  


Sculpture Self Portrait

....completing N110 mural!


Public Art! 

Whole class will work together to produce a bronze eagle sculpture for Sandburg High School. 

See link for examples.  

Design and plan large format sculptures for sculpture walk around the Sandburg campus.  

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