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2016 SWSC ART Festival!

Artwork drop off -- Wednesday Feb 3 Show Installation -- Thursday Feb 4 Festival Day -- Friday Feb 5 Open House -- Saturday Feb 6 Artwork Pick up -- Wednesday Feb 10 Students Each school should be bringing 10 students to the Festival. The Student Art Exhibit will consist of one piece of artwork from each student. This means each school should be preparing and submitting 10 pieces of artwork. Both 2D and 3D pieces are eligible.

Sandburg Students attanding:

Justin Arcenal, Amanda Burnison, Evan Flaherty, Olivia Good, Jazmin Hernandez, Grace Lum, Jaden Perez, Taylor UDarbe, Jayne Wagner,& Sarah Ziebe. (Most of the crew below...)

Full event pics HERE!

Lunch Governors State University has graciously agreed to provide lunch for the students/teachers the day of the festival. This is very generous of them, especially when finances are tight like they are for so many schools lately. Keynote Speaker I was able to secure an interesting speaker for this year's event. His name is Graham Owen. His main line of work currently is in creating very realistic/artistic insects that are used with the lighting designs of Ingo Maurer (most of which sell for thousands of dollars). His work has been featured in Sotheby's design magazine, the Smithsonian, as well as many other impressive arenas. Before beginning his work with Ingo Maurer, he created realistic insects that were used as props in many big name movies and tv shows ( Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Spider-Man, Salt, Grown-Ups, Breaking Bad, and many more). He is a great guy, and I thought the students might be able to relate to the movies/tv shows he has been involved in, and like to see a "different" approach to using artistic skills. A link to some of his work with the lighting designer is below.

Agenda The agenda for the day will be similar to how it has been the last couple of years. 9:00 - 9:45 Check-in / Students view the art exhibit 9:45 - 10:00 GSU Welcome / Program Overview 10:00 - 11:00 Auditorium / Keynote Speaker 11:00 - 11:15 Awards Presentation 11:20 - 11:45 Lunch 11:45 - 1:00 Breakout Sessions

Evan Flaherty received "Best of Sandburg" for this Tea Pot

Sarah Zieba received "Best of Show" in the Photography category for this photo.

Breakout Sessions We will do the same procedure as last year. I will have an envelope with tickets to each of the breakout sessions. It will be up to the teachers of each school to pass those out to their students. The students will have to present the ticket in order to get into each session. This helped evenly spread out the number of students in the sessions.

...and apparently Evan decided to help out with the demonstrations!

Go Sandburg!

Taylor UDarbe's Tea Set "Splash!"


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