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Course Outline and Schedule:


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As a student enrolled in this course, you will explore the basic Elements and Principles of Art, and relate them

to the two and three dimensional aspects of PAINTING.


We focus on the basic tools of artmaking when sketching our ideas:

Elements: line, shape, form, texture, value, color, & space

Principles: balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, variety, proportion


You will be encouraged to express yourself in your painting through the use of different techniques and media.

You will be taught how to use a variety of different paint media, tools and approaches to painting.

I hope you enjoy painting as much as we do!


     *This course may be repeated for another semester of credit.

  Digital Photographic Documentation



Social Media Journal-

-Please post a picture once a week (due Tuesdays)

                                                of what you're working on.

-Please write a sentence or two about what you’re doing….

-Tag me (@sandburgartdepart)...

          ...and using the hashtag #madeatsandburg

-Also tag the school, the principal, the superintendant, and local newspapers, the mayor, state art groups.....ummmm everyone!  (@SandburgHS@jltyrrell8, @D230_Supt, @OPPrairie, @OrlandParkPatch, @VillageOrlandPk, @OPArtsAlliance, )

Unit 1: 

We're on #9,  as of 3/30

 Video Demonstrations:   part 1   part 2 


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Unit 2:

Cave paintings are unbelievable renderings by early man! 

Cave art is significant because it was what people in prehistoric times did in order to record history and culture. 


Start: 1/20     Due: 2/3

Unit 3: INTRO

WaterCOlor Painting

Watercolor painting is the process of painting with pigments that are mixed with water. ... A watercolorist uses watercolor painting techniques like washes, working wet in wet and wet on dry, lifting out and masking out for highlights, and dozens of other techniques to achieve textural effects.

1, 2, & 3 BELOW on your slide here!

Start: 2/8     Due: 2/19 



watercolor Wheel

Students will begin painting class with a discuss on color, and creating a watercolor wheel

Students will learn about paper, brushes, and application



Students will run thru some of these basic watercolor techniques. ​

*Complete 6 of these experiments. 


 “One Word!” -#elitedaily

Students will choose a word that is interesting and meaningful to them, to paint.

Students will block lettering using one point perspective, and paint choosing colors that might enhance the dimensional quality.

Unit 4:

Watercolor Landscapes....

Students will find a PHOTO of a landscape that they find beautiful, and would like to recreate. 

Students will look to artist Stan Miller for stylistic inspiration and emulation, specifically his use of colors and his "looseness!" 

Start: 2/22     Due: 3/12 

Unit 5:

Composition           & Space

Students will write/find a JOKE they they think is hilarious...and want to paint!  

Students will look to artist Michael Gaughan for stylistic inspiration and joke telling thru imagery! 

Start: 3/10     Due: 3/? 

Video Demonstrations:

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paints are water-soluble, but become water-resistant when dry. 


"Make ART everyday!" 

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