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2020, 8th Grade Step Up Day!!!

Schedule: 8th Grade Art Day- Jan 21st (Tuesday)

9-9:30am - Students Arrive From Junior High Schools, (Century, Jerling, & Orland Junior High)

9:30am – 9:45am - Break Out Into Workshops

- Art Department Tour/Power Point of Art Department Courses

9:45am – 11:20am- Attend Workshops “4x5 Theme”

Ceramics – Room N110, “Monsters/ creatures...”

Drawing – Room N218, "Exquisite corpse"

Photography- Room N221, "Photograms"

11:27am - 12:15pm-- American Academy Art Presentation- Lisa Deluca in PAC

12:22pm – 1:15pm?- Lunch – pizza in the PAC Lobby!

(Pass Out Art Department Folders to Students)

1:15 - 1:30pm -- Return to schools

Students (and teachers) in the ceramics workshop building creatures with eroded stone... "clay!"

Students holding a pose using a homemade pinhole camera!

(Pop can on table)

Students working together to create an "Equisite Corpse" drawing.

American Academy of Art spoke with the 8th graders and our high school students about their program and life after college! to make a career in the arts.

In this day and age of media, media, media! Its not just possible, its in demand!

...there was a salad at the pizza lunch....DC Ovando texted....!


Great Day!

THanks everyone!!! -Arthur D. Partment

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