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Sandburg Advanced Clay visits Century Middle School

Building off of Sandburg Art Department visits to District 135 middle schools the past couple of years, Mr. McCabe and his Advanced Ceramics students took the visits to another level by collaboratively designing a new experience for a visit to Century Middle School.

On December 8th, Mr. McCabe and his Advanced Ceramics class visited Ms. Berry’s Art students. Sandburg students brought class equipment to give the middle school students a live demonstration of some work they complete at the high school level. Among some highlights from the Advanced Ceramics demos included Evan Flaherty, Eric Garazzo, and Brandan Surdyk demonstrating how to construct pots on the potter’s wheel, Jakayla Jones demonstrating how to incorporate designs into vases, Evthokia Markris painting the pottery, and Arege Shuaibi showing students how to develop a “Monster” sculpture.

After the demos Mr. McCabe and the Advanced Ceramics students then opened up stations which the Century students were able to choose what they wanted to work on. Century students worked on the potter’s wheels, were able to interact with Sandburg students related to their work, and worked on additional components of the design process.

Century students had a wonderful experience and opportunity getting to learn from Sandburg students, leading to an overall tremendous collaborative experience. The ability to actually see the process of developing the work, followed by Century students having the chance to work with Ceramics equipment and apply what they had learned facilitated an authentic learning experience for the students.

The Art Department looks forward to continuing such visits, as Sandburg students shared many positive comments related to the experience as well.

Thank you to Ms. Berry and Century for welcoming the Sandburg Art Department!

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