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Art Club's Pool Legacy Project

At the end of second semester, 2015, Art Club finished its second legacy project of this school year. Coach Jim Caliendo having seen what our club did several years ago for the climbing wall in the Blue Gym asked my club to design a mural for the Sandburg pool. His idea was to have one image represent water polo and the second to present a swimmer. Several students made designs and it came down to the two by Becca Kordas (far left). Jennifer Kubicki (center) spent many hours beyond the club's meetings helping us complete this project. The entire project took the members of my club several months to design, transfer to scale and paint. Yesterday (May 26) we delivered it to Coach Caliendo who could not be more excited to see he dream a reality.

The four panels are to be installed over the summer to grace the two staircases that flank the pool.

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