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Art Club Legacy Project

This year Sandburg’s Art Club was asked to complete several legacy projects. One in particular came from Jeanne Brown the librarian at Prairie Elementary School in Orland Park. This fall, they were deaccessioning hundreds of card catalogue files, and rather than put them in paper recycle, she hoped we might have another life as an art piece celebrating books, the history of research and reading. Her vision was to create a collage incorporating the word “Read” across four poster-sized frames. The final work would hang in their library.

I (Mr. Engelhard) envisioned white letters floating above a blanket of these off yellow cards. From a distance the collage would become an unfocused background forming the bright letters, yet up close the letters would blur and one would discover the vast information about books. My students sorted hundreds of cards looking for those that had “character” such as handwritten alterations. Along with some blue instructional cards that add “freckles”, my students made the following piece. (see photo)

Last week we completed the project and plan to deliver the piece soon.

The following students work on this:

Mira Azar

Monica Marsan

Ariel Diosdado

Dallas Artis

Ravina Pandya

Eric Kerkstra

Matthew Tapia

Colleen Lynch

Emily Nelson

Areli Lara

Kathleen Fabular

Nour Issa

Jennifer Kubicki

Hailey Drugas

Meghan Mattson

Andrea Makilan

Sam Gilchrist

Michael Cho

Michael Knox

Rachel Fox

Vanessa Sevilla

Dan Griskell

Natalie Krzyston

Amanda Ryan

Natalie Campise

Alyssa Grant

Becca Kordas

Cesar Cuevas

Nica Arcenal

Crystal Grzeslo

Alexa Marines

Dionysia Zougras

Paulina Zougras

Juliana Trnka

Maya Samardzija

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