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*UPDATED* Illinois HS Art Exhibition 2015!

Sandburg's very own ALEX HUFF, had two of his works chosen for this year's Illinois State High School Art Exhibition.

In addition, Alex was honored with the Blick Award by the IHSAE yesterday, at the awards ceremony/artists reception at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.

Other Sandburg students with work in this state competition are Alesia Karuntzos, Maggie Prendergast and Aida Rasmussen.

The exhibit will remain up until 3/9.

Please help us in congratulating these hard working students.

Sandburg Art Department


Feb. 16 - March 9, 2015

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 1, 2015; 2 - 6 pm

Hosted by:

1029 West 35th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

The Art Department is fortunate to have 4 winners (with 5 works) at the Illinois HS Art Exhibition this year.

ALEX HUFF, for his drawing, "57 Chevy"

and his 2D Design, "Construction" AWARD WINNER

ALESIA KARUNTZOS, for her photograph, "Swarmed"

AIDA RASMUSSEN, for her painting, "Catching Up"

MAGGIE PRENDERGAST, for her sculpture, "Unzipped"

All 5 of these works will be on display at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago until March 10.

The opening reception will be Sunday, March 1st.

Please help us to congratulate these students for their hard work and beautiful efforts.

Thank you!

Sandburg Art Dept.

Alex Huff

Alex Huff "Construction" AWARD WINNER

Alesia Karuntzos

Margaret Prendergast

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