Pinhole Photo

35mm Depth of Field

Black & White PhotoGraphY














Courses Discription:

The structure of this course involves lectures and demonstrations presented by the instructor and independent darkroom work done on behalf of each student. Traditionally, photography is taught in three parts:

(1) classroom instruction,

(2) darkroom production under the instructor’s supervision,

(3) viewing images and reading from the history of photography.  

It is important to come to every class during this eighteen-week course, as complex lab demonstrations are difficult to produce more than once in the lab.  




  • The students will be introduced to many different traditional photographic   processes and produce black and white photographic prints within a studio art setting.  Emphasis will be placed upon the elements and principles of design.

  • The students will demonstrate an understanding of photographic equipment and its proper use to produce their own high quality photographs.  

  • The students will demonstrate knowledge of specific photographers, important masterpieces of photography, and specific movements in photographic history.  

  • Each student will formally analyze photographs in writing and in group critiques with emphasis on two dimensional design elements and principles.



This eighteen-week semester will consist of photographic projects, reading and writing assignments, along with a final exam.  Late work will be accepted up to one week past its due date without prior arrangement with the instructor or your guidance counselor.  Points will be deducted for work not turned in on time.  Grades will be determined by the following:

  • Projects and writing assignments: 90%

  • Final Exam:10%


Grading scale:

100%-90%=A, 89%-80%=B, 79%-70%=C, 69%-60%=D, 59%....F



You will need:

Cardboard 18oz. Oatmeal Container

Photo paper


Locker Lock





PhotoGram Cracker-(1st project)

  -Elements & Principles  

  -Value Strip, PhotoGram experimentation worksheet, 5x7 PhotoGram, Dry-mounting 

     Videos: Cyanotype, Mounting 



Photogram Archive:

PinHole Camera-

   -make Oatmeal box camera

   -pinhole print,  "Selfie"

     Videos: Camera ObscuraBuild a Camera Obscura,  


Pinhole Archive:


35mm camera-

 Aperture:  (Depth of Field)

     Videos: part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4 part 5 part 6


Aperture Archive:





Shutter Speed

     Videos: Simple Explaination     


Shutter Speed Archive:






The photo on the right is an example of knocking down the graininess by waving a transparency over it whilst exposing the paper.

The Reversal-

   -Students will hone their printing skills with this project by matching the      

     values of two prints and joining them together at the seam.  

Videos: Mounting 1    Mirror Mounting 2  


Photogram Archive:

Double Exposure-

   -Students will learning techniques for printing with two negatives.  



Photogram Archive:

Local Photography Suppliers:


Quality Plus Photo Supplies 

11523 Harlem Avenue, Worth, IL 60482
(708) 448-2140


LaGrange Camera & Video

20 East Burlington Avenue, La Grange, IL 60525
(708) 352-0070


The Photographic Depot

110 1/2 West Burlington Ave., La Grange, Illinois 60525

(708) 354-7800


Precision Camera


Online Photo Suppliers: