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Driver's EduCATION!


One of the happiest days in my life!...buying my 2012 Honda Fit!

The McCabes

Flooding in the city... No problem for the Fit!

Mrs. McCabe attempts to park the car?.....

      ...that parking job is ticketable....


Week 1:

Monday     - Permitting

Tuesday     - Permitting / Eye Test

Wednesday - Applications / Driving Cards & Checks (Secretary of State)!

Thursday    - PRETEST
Friday        - take groups out to cars. Pre-Steps

Introductions & Testing

Week 2 & 3:

Chapters 1, 2, 3, & 7


1. Get there 1st, you go 1st.

2. If a space between cars is large enough,

   you can go.

3. If everything is equal, person on the left

   yields to the person on the right.

4. If everything is equal, turners go last

Chapters 4 

Week 4: 

Week 5: 

Chapters  5  

Week 6:


Week 7:


Review GDL system Slides

Week 8:

Chapter 11 & 18- Expressways & Planning a Trip 

Chapters 12 & 13- Adverse Conditions & Emergencies Situations

Week 9:

Week 10:

Chapters 16 & 17- Buying, Owning, insurance, & Maintenance 

Week 11:

Chapters 15- Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving

Behind the Wheel:

  The Behind the Wheel (BTW) component of the D230 driver's education curriculum is a partnership with the families enrolled.  We will drive a total of 15 times (approximately) with each student.  Clearly, this is not enough time on the road for a student driver to gain the experience necessary to become a confident driver.  The guardians of the students enrolled in the program need to make time to allow their student to gain further experience. 


  In the beginning stages of driving, any extra driving time will reap exponential benefits for the new driver!  If you (guardian) are nervous about you're driver, keep the trips slow and short, that's fine.  Work up to faster speeds and longer distances.  But please do not solely rely on our short availability to drive with your student, as “enough” time & practice.  


  Lastly, this is a new experience for your student, and you!  It is easiest on a new driver if you stay….calm.  No yelling.  Imagine your student driver was another adult, would you be talking to them in the same way? The faster your driver gets better, AWESOME!

Yelling doesn’t help.

If you feel stressed out, scared, nervous…..about your drives ability, then put them in driving situations that will reduce your stress until you feel they can handle more.  That’s what we do.


  We’re a team. Me (Mr. McCabe), the student driver, and the parents. We can do this together!

  Email me anytime. 

Commentary Driving- 

Commentary Driving is a strategy in which a student says aloud everything he/she is thinking and seeing as it pertains to his/her driving.


Example(Spoken Aloud):

"maintaining speed, 35 miles per hour, moving over to allow space for parked car, slowing down for bicyclist, checking mirrors, stop sign, slowing, braking hard, easing to stop." 


This strategy allows the instructor/parent to know exactly what the student is seeing and accounting for. 

Its funny for the student, but helpful.

Driver Education Licensing Procedure:

Upon successful completion of the Driver Education program, both classroom and Behind The Wheel (BTW), students will receive a "Virtual Blue Slip" from the Illinois State Board of Education. To see if your student has received his or her "Virtual Blue Slip" click here. A student must wait to receive their "Virtual Blue Slip" before going to the Secretary of State's Driver Service Facility.


To obtain an Illinois Driver's License students will need to bring the following documents with them to the Secretary of State's Driver Service Facility:

·         Instruction Permit (both halves) 

·         Letter Addressed to You at Your Home Address

·         Certified Birth Certificate (Hospital Copy Not Accepted)

·         Social Security Card

·         50-Hour Certification Sheet Signed By a Parent

·         Proof of Insurance (Insurance Card)

·         A vehicle that will pass an inspection 

          Cooperative Driver Testing Program (CDTP) Driving Test Form - If Applicable


Students will be expected to take a driving test in a vehicle provided by you (if you have not received the CDTP certificate from your instructor). Even with the CDTP certificate you may still be subject to a spot check (Driving Test) by the Secretary of State. Be prepared to have your picture taken for your driver's license.

You can take your test at a local. 

Secretary of State Driver Service Facility by clicking here

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